July 30, 2017

Each Turn

Leave me anywhere I don’t want to be
Tell me lies I cannot hear or see
I’ll use my soul as bate

Leave anywhere you can’t stand to exist
Tell me why you cannot stay or tolerate
I’ll laugh at how you can’t accommodate

Leave nowhere you can’t stand to resist
Tell me why you cannot keep a secret or desire
I’ll find a way to make you dominate

Leave us nowhere we don’t want to be
Tell me I cannot understand or forget
I’ll leave my oblivious children to fate

(c) Marc Noël 2017

July 27, 2017

TBT: Mourn (2007)

Alone in the darkness
I heard my prayer
A whisper
Escaping from my lips
I felt a shiver
Run down to my toes
But saw nothing
That was not darkness

Lost in the emptiness
I searched my soul
A cry
Escaping from my heart
I understood
My reasons for forgetting
But mourned nothing
That was not emptiness

(c) Marc Noël 2007

July 23, 2017

House On The River

Follow the water
To the house on the river
Feel welcomed to eat
There’s soup on the fire

Follow your heart
To the home of the soul
Feel welcomed to retreat
There’s love to make you whole

(c) Marc Noël 2017

July 20, 2017

TBT: Clutch (2002)

Find the path to my home
My home in the underground
Listen to the sounds
Of your rejection

Find the meaning of my destiny
My destiny in your heart
Speak of the freedom
Of your clutch

(c) Marc Noël 2002

July 16, 2017

Fall Down (The Blaze)

I want to touch
The Universe
(It starts at the end of my fingertips)
Present it with the gift and curse
It gave me without knowing-
(No one controls the blaze)

I want to hear
The Universe
(It cries at the start of my day)
Present it with the meaning and tedium
It gave me without warning-
(Everyone forgets the blaze)

I want to destroy
The Universe
(It hints at laziness in every detail)
Present it with the love and hopelessness
It gave me without consideration-
(Someone will start the blaze)

(c) Marc Noël 2017

July 13, 2017

TBT: Knew It Had To Be Me (1998)

Currently connected
Since 1843
Knew it had to be me

Then there was news
Since 1647
Knew I was even

Gone, blue paper
Since 1734
Knew we had more

My quest, my neighborhood
Since 1911
Knew it was heaven

(c) Marc Noël 1998

July 09, 2017

Lying In Wait

Feel the fire of my hunger
There is always love to nourish
Follow me to protection
And start to feel younger

Feel the passion behind my anger
There is always devotion to nourish
Follow me to safety
And start to survive longer

(c) Marc Noël 2017

July 06, 2017

TBT: Don't Look (2003)

Don't look at me when I cry
When I cry you will feel my sorrow
You will see why I remember
So little of what I know

Don't look at me when I fall
When I fall you will see me weak
You will see why I hide
So much of what I know

Don't look at me when I smile
When I smile you will feel my wonder
You will see why I honor
So little of what I do

Don't look at me when I laugh
When I laugh you will find me cruel
You will see why I respect
So much of what I do

(c) Marc Noël 2003

July 02, 2017


There is a place
I can find logic in need
It it a very
Sad place indeed

There is a time
I can find a repeating fallacy
It is a very
Broken time assuredly

(c) Marc Noël 2017