March 31, 2016

TBT: Nice To Meet Your Demise (2007)

I'll tell them that I met you
Just before you met your demise
I may forget to mention that day
That the knife in your back was mine

I'll tell them that you were strong
Just before you said thank you
I may forget to mention your swear
Or the childish fit that you threw

I'll tell them you died with honor
Just before you burnt to a crisp
I may forget to mention my matches
Were the reason god took me off his list

I'll tell them that I cried
Just before I started running
I may forget to mention my regret
That you didn't die while I was laughing

(c) Marc Noël 2007

March 27, 2016

I Am Missing

I am missing-
To say I hide from the world is misunderstood
I feel like the world is hiding from me
Everyone is moving, everyone has goals
But I can’t find my way to being happy

I am jaded-
To say forgive the ones that hurt me is impossible
I feel like I was born to always suffer
Everyone is mistrusting, everyone has motives
But I can’t find a way to get tougher

I am healed-
To say it’s difficult to change how you think is misleading
I feel like I only needed a shift of perspective
Everyone is missing, everyone is jaded
But I can’t help but think it’s all subjective

(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 24, 2016

TBT: Dayspring (2008)

Set the world in motion
With the tip of your finger
Find a reason to live
In the shadows of midnight
Find comfort in darkness
Where none was found in light

Fill the vast oceans
With your neverending tears
Find a reason to remember
In the song of sunrise
Find clarity in nature
Where none was found in lies

(c) Marc Noël 2008

March 20, 2016


Save me-
You never hoped
For praise and success
That trust you have in death
Don’t let it appeal to your loneliness
There is only one path
To finding out if you’re worthy
Seek a breakthrough in your thoughts
There will be dialogue
Between one good
And so many evils
But you can uncover
Somewhere safe to breathe
You never hoped
For peace and forgiveness
Release me-

(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 17, 2016

TBT: Colors Of The Nothing (1999)

Sadness, I cannot dream
Steps into my life
Regeneration of my screams

Struggle, I cannot breathe
Beauty of the burning soul
Sunglow of my heart

Desperation, I cannot see
Colors of the nothing
I cannot contain

(c) Marc Noël 1999

March 13, 2016


Take fate right out of my soul
It seems I get very suspicious
If I don't feel you can show control
You never regret what you can't see -
Just because it doesn't happen
Doesn't mean you're not guilty

Take honor right out of my mind
It seems at your advantage
To make me one of your kind
You never regret giving forgiveness  -
Just because you don't show remorse
Doesn't mean you won't confess

Take truth right out of my breath
It seems you get very careless
When you're not worried about death
You never forget those you abandon -
Just because you didn't feel anything
Doesn't mean you won't come undone

Dedicated to “Donis_plays”
(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 10, 2016

TBT: The Strength I Gain (2000)

Long journey, I have made
The destiny, I have fulfilled
Gatekeeper to my quest
I must return in nighttime
Like love, I search for strength
I leave the castle, obvious
The alley of my fortune
I must listen with faith
Enduring loneliness
I have sacrificed, like love
I search for a place to rest
I must talk to my heart
Monster I am inside
I play the game
Like love, I search for peace
And a place to call home

(c) Marc Noël 2000

March 06, 2016

Dark Sabre

Go to the very edge of my dreams Dance with my desires I sense that you’re searching- For any reason to be free I can feel your heart aching There will never be a better time When I trust you to be sane Tell me how I can show you How I can be reclaimed Go to the shadows of my nightmares Fight with my regrets I sense that you’re hesitating- Find any excuse to be strong I can feel your soul resisting There will never be a better time When I trust you to be brave Tell me how I can show you How I can be saved

Dedicated to "Darksaber2k"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 03, 2016

TBT: Tamaran Noble (2004)

Tamaran rests in bed in his mansion in Portugal. Tamaran is a brilliant man. Although he lives mostly in solitude, he’s been gracious to all who have served him and his estate. His aged smile is as pure as happiness and all who have served him would call him honorable.

He is accompanied by his caregiver, Norberto Barrera, a middle-aged man he’s grown to appreciate. He knows that his master will not sleep another night. Tamaran is dying.