December 29, 2016

TBT: Glitch (2011)

I want to be inside-
That place where happiness hides
Where fun is the only law
And being tired is the only flaw

I want to be a residue-
Giants never forgot about you
They send you little specks of love
And sometimes a rainbow from up above

I want to be a glitch-
Where a rock makes a sales pitch
Of tending to chickens and butterflies
Until that next refreshing sunrise

(c) Marc Noël 2011

December 25, 2016

Reality Bites

I wake up
Every morning
What’s going to hurt today

I hope for peace
I will try to create

Always underestimating
My strength

Happiness hides-
And I run away

I wake up
Every morning
From nightmares
That are black

The bad
I will learn to cope with

Never underestimating
My opponent

Reality bites-
But I bite back

(c) Marc Noël 2016

December 22, 2016

TBT: Except In Time (1999)

No one moves
Inside my mind
No thoughts exist
Except in time

The rough edges
Of my soul
Convert my speech
Into sand

Power to my freedom
You help me breathe
Moments that I've lost
You help me live

The rough times
Of my past
Convert my energy
Into love

(c) Marc Noël 1999

December 18, 2016

Never Miss

It’s always yesterday forever
Awaken the demon to fight it today
You should know its weakness by now
You let it sleep by your side all this time
Why did you build a fortress around it
When it’s right beside you, waiting

It’s always tomorrow forever
Embrace the angel to heal it today
You should know it’s tired by now
You let it sleep by your side for some time
Why did you build doubt around it
When it’s right about you, forgiving

It’s always today forever
Empower the heavens to feed the moment
You should know it never misses by now
You let it sleep by your side one too many times
Why did you build memories around it
When it’s right in front of you, reflecting

(c) Marc Noël 2016

December 15, 2016

TBT: LifeBlood (1998)

The two roads to immortality
Takes me to a trip beyond the skies
Brings a door around the back alley
Where darkness kills the eyes

A generation of imported sins
Powerful web of an overmastering mind
Speechless preconization
Brings a quixotic shine

And where the sea pounds the earth
A second in time, a shine in night
Kill me forever, give me death
I will be reborn to violent light

(c) Marc Noël 1998

December 11, 2016

Show Me Your Crown

What is this all leading to?
I never made any promises to you
In my hands you put a grain of fate
Don’t tell me now it’s too late

Do you think I’m going to change my mind?
I never thought I’d go against my kind
In my heart you put the fear of war
Don’t tell me now you want more

Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?
I never loved so much of what I hated
In my soul you put evolving battlefields
Don’t tell me you never expected casualties

(c) Marc Noël 2016

December 08, 2016

TBT: Thunderclap (2014)

I can feel humanity
Duel of the sinners
The dance that never ends
My thoughts explode outside
Broken ambitions that are never ideal
Broken hearts that never heal

I can breathe peace
Judgement of the souls
The trance that never ends
My decision implies control
Broken dreams that will never grieve
Broken spirits that never breathe

(c) Marc Noël 2014

December 04, 2016

Say The Words Of Fire

I don’t have a lot of time left to fix it
He never said he was a good man
Kept a silly secret in his head
There’s an even more sinister nightmare
Hiding in the dark closet
Feasting on the clever minds of sweethearts
Who die with a smile on their lips
Say the words of fire, make it all burn
No second guessing, he was a good man-
Not anymore...

I don’t have a lot of time left to heal it
She never said she was a perfect woman
Kept a silly secret under her bed
There’s an even more unusual plea
Hiding in the loneliest heart
Feasting on the clever sins of bastards
Who steal kisses with their lips
Say the words of fire, make it all burn
No second guessing, she was a perfect woman-
Not anymore...

(c) Marc Noël 2016

December 01, 2016

TBT: Make Me Hope (2006)

When your past
Holds so many mistakes
It's easy to lose sight
To lose hope
That there is a chance
That anything you do
Has any meaning
In the future
When you think about
What's in front
There's always something
Holding you back
It's just easier
To forget than regret
It's easy to lose sight
To lose hope
When your past
Holds so many mistakes

When your world
Holds so many wonders
It's easy to wonder
To try to understand
Why there is a chance
That anything you do
Has any hope
Of changing the future
When you think about
What's beautiful
There's always something
Holding you back
It's just easier
To look away than cry
It's easy to wonder
To try to understand
When your world
Holds so many wonders

(c) Marc Noël 2006

November 27, 2016


It is all in the facial expressions
Tell me all your secrets
Without saying a word
The trigger is pulled
No way back

It is all in how the soul flutters
Tell me all your secrets
Without breaking a promise
The poison is consumed
No way back

(c) Marc Noël 2016

November 24, 2016

TBT: Nightkeeping (2001)

After she came back
She could not hold my hand
If I were the creator
This I could not stand

My evaluation, abandonment
Choose and make it right
If I were the keeper
The day and the night

(c) Marc Noël 2001

November 20, 2016


The effect of the dull
Is obvious
To missed opportunities-
As opposed to the appeal
Of getting lost,
Running away
From those who cull

The timing of the juncture
Is obvious
To forgetful regrets-
As opposed to the appeal
Of refined style,
Trying to find
Any remnants of culture

(c) Marc Noël 2016

November 17, 2016

TBT: Endurance (2008)

I was wondering what my ancestors
Would say to me
If I asked them why
People suffered so much-

With deep meditation
I looked for answers
Within my past
Within my soul
But found none
That brought me closure-

So I went to bed
And there I wept
Until I had fell asleep-

And in my dreams
I found a vision-

People spend too much time
Looking for answers-
Not for solutions

Dedicated to Emily Dickinson
(c) Marc Noël 2008

November 13, 2016

Looking At The Ceiling

I am never thinking
I don’t really understand
Touch it, live it
No pressure as I leave

I am never going
I don’t really get lost
Break it, face it
No pressure as I believe

I am never processing
I don’t really conclude
Close it, desire it
No pressure as I grieve

(c) Marc Noël 2016

November 10, 2016

TBT: I Stand Here Alone (2003)

I'm having trouble climbing the mountain of life.

The past beneath me is not fit to carry me to my future. The rocks under my feet barely sustain the burden of my soul.

I stand here alone, with legs that cannot move, with a mind that cannot believe. The energy within me is lost with the struggle. No more strength for the journey.

I try to listen to the voices telling me to make it on my own. I hear the silence of my individuality. For all the power that is given to me, no one hears me when I speak. I try to tell them I am too weak. They divide me too thin and then wonder why I am not seen.

I am prepared to become mean. However, at what point is the sentence more severe than the offense? If I cannot run, will the mountain consume me? I do not wish to be lost, I do not wish to be forgotten.

Perhaps if I were to be seen…

How can I be seen?...

(c) Marc Noël 2003

November 06, 2016

I'll Take Care Of You

You started this game you can’t finish
There is too much fear in your eyes
Same mistakes over and over and over
Wake up before tomorrow turns into a long time
What’s the point of understanding your faults
If you never think twice about fixing them

I’ll take care of you if you want me to
No promises, only hope
Time after time after time

Your laughs are hiding guilt that won’t diminish
There is too much temptation in your heart
Same sensations again and again and again
Wake up before yesterday turns into forever
What’s the point of understanding your choices
If you never think twice about changing your mind

I’ll take care of you if you want me to
No promises, only wishes
Time after time after time

(c) Marc Noël 2016

November 03, 2016

TBT: Chills Of Freedom (1996)

I know the truth, it's sad
I can't deny
The life I lead, it's path,
Is full of lies and deceptions

I can't make them go away
I see the tear in your eye
I feel guilty all again
And I begin to cry...

On a cold summer night
I move away from all the light
Forget I might come back
And look away

oh, the chills of freedom,
but I can hear the silence
You've become and feel
The time I get to wonder why

And I ask myself
Why is the sky Black
When all that time
I think of you and sometimes I try

On a cold summer night
I move away from all the light
Forget I one day left
And hold you tight...

(c) Marc Noël 1996

October 30, 2016

The Captured Spirit

Where are you leading me?
I can’t give you
Any satisfying advice-
When you won’t tell me
Who you really are
When you lose control

When you think you’ve had enough
Will you lead me to the real you?

When are you going to save me?
I can’t give you
Any more time-
When you won’t sit still
Who are you chasing
When you lose control

When you feel strong enough to survive-
Will you run when you realize the truth?

Where am I going to end up?
I can’t give you
Any peace of mind-
When you won’t change anything about
Who you once were
When you lost control

When did you listen to anyone else-
Will you even listen to yourself?

When is this going to finish?
I can’t give you
Any liberating clarity-
When you won’t open your eyes
Who were you believing
When you lost control

When you are nothing else but a thought-
Will your spirit smile when it realizes the truth?

(c) Marc Noël 2016

October 27, 2016

TBT: The Captured Thought (2002)

I never thought this way before
This distraction, this compassion
Too slow for my mind
This thought is one of a kind

I never believed in this before
This realization, this fiction
Too small to find
This captured thought is mine

(c) Marc Noël 2002

October 23, 2016

Surrender To Vanity

Thank you
For saving me a mistake
A lesson learned,
Maturity to bake-
Was stopping my vanity
But for the help
Of your sanity

There is no wonder
To be found
An empty home,
Family bound-
Was bending my rigidness
Maybe the hand
Of my innocence

(c) Marc Noël 2016

October 20, 2016

TBT: The Captured Soul (2004)

My soul
Is energy-

It stands apart
From the world
It now lives
In my mind-
A home that it created

Yet, now all on its own
It is still keeping me connected

My soul
Is watching-

It is shaped
By the manner
I have lived
In my life-
A witness for the universe

Yet, in searching for its own
It is still keeping me collected

(c) Marc Noël 2004

October 16, 2016


Very accomplished-
Can’t get his bones to relax
He believes in lasting logic
His sister has a brother that waits for gratification
With a name that makes him hungry

Always interrupted-
Can’t get his ashes resurrected
He envisions justice shouting
His father has a son that waits for patience
With a name that makes him angry

Challenge accepted-
Can’t get his power restored
He presumes his own infallibility
His god has a worshipper that waits for drama
With a name that makes him manly

Dedicated to "MegapiemanPHD"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

October 13, 2016

TBT: The Captured Heart (2002)

Your hands
on my arms-
your kiss,

I've missed you much...

My eyes close,
...this bliss.

Your comfort
in my heart-
you're sweet,

I've been through much...

My breath slows,
...this heat.

(c) Marc Noël 2002

October 09, 2016

Rocking Horse

             There were no bigger
to take
     Than the ones
painstakingly hate
                           My legs
cannot carry me over the mountain
                  My doubts created over lifetimes

             There were no bigger
to create
     Than the ones
painstakingly curate
                           My mind
cannot carry me over the false memories
                  My imagination created over lifetimes

(c) Marc Noël 2016

October 06, 2016

TBT: The Captured Mind (1999)

Sitting at the top of the stairs
I thought I could see
Thought I could read
Seems I was lost
In these stairs to nowhere
In these lost stars

Bridge to my mind
It was looking after me
Running free, my legs took me
Seems I couldn't swim
In these stairs to nowhere
In these unknown oceans

Giving support to my soul
I thought I knew the truth
Thought I could breathe
Seems I couldn't walk
In these stairs to nowhere
In these captured minds

(c) Marc Noël 1999

October 02, 2016

Move The Moon

The plan right now
Is to get out of here
And get as far away
As I can from my fears
Look at all the misery
You can surely avoid
There’s plenty of reasons
To always be annoyed
I’m not asking you
To move the moon
But I will need a favour
I’ll ask of you soon

(c) Marc Noël 2016

September 29, 2016

TBT: Captivation (2003)

I see you sitting there, by my side
My heart pounds, with guile
And I can see, in your eyes
You want me to send you a smile

When I met you that day, I knew
We were meant to be, meant to see
Our future, sitting near
Waiting for us to flee together

I see you smiling there, wishing
My mind opens, with reflection
And I can see, in your eyes
You want me to get an inspiration

When I met you that day, I knew
You were meant for me, meant to be
My future, watching near
Waiting for us to be together

I see you talking there, with me
My heart yearns, with honesty
And I can see, in your eyes
You want me

(c) Marc Noël 2003

September 25, 2016

The Sinner In Me

Staring at inner demons
I knew what they were saying
They hadn’t spoken a word
My time to leave was dying

Trust your instinct they thought
Be strong and one day return
More mistakes you will make
You still have something to learn

Never have I forgotten
The day I first felt pity
Not at anyone else
But the sinner in me

(c) Marc Noël 2016

September 22, 2016

TBT: Artificial Intelligence (2004)

I arrive running at Mike’s Newsstand Café. I must look ridiculous running around the streets in my lab coat. I turn to my partner behind me with the tranquilizer gun, “Don’t do anything without my explicit permission, I’ll see if I can talk us out of this mess.”

I enter the Café and see Vincent sitting in the corner, looking at some magazines. He grows tense and nervous as I enter the door.

September 18, 2016

The Entrance

The Entrance to my heart
Is found in silence
Not because it can’t speak
But because its heartbeat is timeless

The Entrance to my soul
Is found in obscurity
Not because it’s hard to understand
But because its shadow brings security

The Entrance to my spirit
Is found in surrender
Not because it’s impossible to find
But because its truth is forever

(c) Marc Noël 2016

September 15, 2016

TBT: Like I Had A Dream (2005)

I felt the pain
From inside
Like I had a dream
That taught me how to cry

Looking for desperation
I found my fears
Like I had a dream
That left me in tears

(c) Marc Noël 2005

September 11, 2016

The Voice Of The Pair

They were quite a pair
A mixed history, quite at home
It’s never black and white
But they never fight
There is a flow to their friendship
Even if they barely knew
One was pure light
The other was shady night
But the magic they both grew
Don’t even doubt their taste
For always making perfect melody
Something simple, yet elegant
The voice of the pair

(c) Marc Noël 2016

September 08, 2016

TBT: Green Slips Easy (1998)

Out of my view
I see you
Going left to right

As hard as rock
You know how to knock
Yet you retain your might

Gentle flower needle
Nothing you can’t handle
But your own fright

Three flowers and a heart
Disappears in the dark
And yearns for night

Nothing across the frame
You’ll never name
But hold tight

(c) Marc Noël 1998

September 04, 2016

Hidden Home

A lonely flower in the dark
Finds a hidden home
Inside a glowing heart

A hidden home inside an abyss
Finds a caring friend
Perched upon a kiss

A caring friend all alone
Finds a lonely flower
Where none has grown

Dedicated to "JoyKilledIt"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

September 01, 2016

TBT: Night Terrors (2001)

I've been shaking inside
Rolling my dice
Helping me decide
My mind in ice

I've been gambling inside
My delusional reality
Helping me survive
My own mortality

I've been leaving inside
Crowning my imagination
Helping me preside
My divination

(c) Marc Noël 2001

August 28, 2016


There is a version
Of me out there
That never seems
To want to care
I want to tell it
To hold on and become strong
Some day you will know
The right from the wrong
There is so much pressure
To flourish and advance
Then all you do is hope
For another chance
Don`t ever think
You’re smarter than you were
You’ll look back
And only see through blur
Think ahead at how
You’ll want to decide
Yesterday is always just
A remember to hide
But if you live without regret
And be content
Maybe you’ll be happy
For just a moment

(c) Marc Noël 2016

August 25, 2016

TBT: There's Too Much (I Can Fear) (2000)

I close my eyes
There's too much
I can fear

I close my mind
There's too much
I can remember

I close my heart
There's too much
I can feel

I close my soul
There's too much
I can lose

(c) Marc Noël 2000

August 21, 2016

Another Like It

Do you sometimes feel pressured
Like it’s getting too late
Like there’s only ground
At the end of the rainbow
We can more easily face
Things that scare us
If we remember
We can always help define fate

Do you sometimes feel smothered
Like it’s getting too negative
Like there’s only one painting
In a happy life’s museum
We can more easily accept
Things we don’t understand
If we remember
We can always find alternatives

(c) Marc Noël 2016

August 18, 2016

TBT: Sometimes You Need To Know (1997)

Sometimes you need to know
I won’t let you go
It’s time to live my life
And I want you to last

The trees hide my shade
For you, the heart I gave
A path of altered love
That follows my past

(c) Marc Noël 1997

August 14, 2016

Still Here

Confirmation that the party was finished
I was getting restless
There was not enough for them to go around
I was feeling useless

We ran around the neighborhood
I was getting lost
There was not enough happiness for all
I was feeling shocked

What role do I serve if I show gratitude
I was getting uncomfortable
There was not enough established protection
I was feeling vulnerable

(c) Marc Noël 2016

August 11, 2016

TBT: Galaxy (2006)

There was
Behind me
In this
I was
Only visiting
When there was
No one
No one
To see

(c) Marc Noël 2016

August 07, 2016


Do it now before you forget
That way there will be no regret
Take your time and find resolution
There’s only one true solution

Create it before it’s too late
That way there will be few mistakes
Take your time and find originality
There’s only one true impartiality

Find it before it finally disappears
That way there will be a souvenir
Take your time and find feedback
There is only one true way back

(c) Marc Noël 2016

August 04, 2016

TBT: Nearly Everything Within (2012)

Cling to the past
Focus on your life
Obsessed with damaging
Whatever would last
Go back and overlook
Nearly everything within

Turn to the lost
Touch what is fire
Obsessed with the dark
Whatever would fall
Go back and repeat
Nearly everything within

Confess to the truth
Explain what you missed
Obsessed with ignorance
Whatever would satisfy
Go back and regret
Nearly everything within

(c) Marc Noël 2012

July 31, 2016

Stand and Fight

Don’t put me to shame
I was heading in the right direction
My family, my friends
They are all the same

Don’t bring me down
I will stand and fight
My enemies, my demons
They don’t push me around

(c) Marc Noël 2016

July 28, 2016

TBT: The Captured Room (2004)

West Caster, 1856

The owner of the mansion was walking towards the door, knife in hand. As he got closer to the door he could hear strange sounds. He opened the door; the man was performing a ritual with ornaments and strange smelling potions. The sorcerer man had boarded with the owner for three months now. He decided, for the sake of his family, that he had to get rid of the wizard man.

The sorcerer didn’t notice the owner until he was on top of him. The man, pointing the blade, threatened and motioned him to get in the small closet. He locked the door and left the room.

July 24, 2016

What If I Refuse?

What if I refuse, what will you do?
I turn to walk down my own path
I run to survive my own wrath-
If I refuse to only do as you please,
What will you do?

What if I prove you wrong, what will you say?
You hide until you need to criticize me
You judge me for what you can’t be-
If I prove you wrong as you fear,
What will you say?

(c) Marc Noël 2016

July 21, 2016

TBT: Tikanjiah (2000)

(Original Version)

I run towards the past
Portal sculptures
Looking down on me
High notes I crave
In articulo mortis

I look forward to last
Fine words
Talking down to me
Sounds of trance I crave
In the name Tikanjiah

(In Articulo Mortis short cut version)

evil in
my eye
portal sculptures
looking down
at me

in articulo
looking down
on me

(c) Marc Noël 2000

July 17, 2016


Emerged from my fears
I found my courage
From crying to shaking
A protector would come to intervene

In the absence of anxiety
I found my true voice
From lying to deceiving
Truth will remove the smokescreen

(c) Marc Noël 2016

July 14, 2016

TBT: Erase The Night (1999)

Erase the night
The captivation of my memories
In spite of my thoughts
I follow my energy

I think of my fright
And how it survives
In spite of my will
To be contrary

Follow my dreams
The captivation of my soul
In spite of my weakness
I follow my destiny

I think of the night
And how it thrives
In spite of my feelings
To be me

(c) Marc Noël 1999

July 10, 2016

Until I Give In

When I was sad
I thought myself trapped for a lifetime
The overly serious presentation of my problems
Felt the need for constant seeking of reassurance
The mind grows tired
Of excuses and boredom

When I was rescued
I felt myself saved for a lifetime
The unusual social withdrawal when I’m in distress
Felt the need to rejoice and shed my guarded behaviors
The soul grows tired
Of pain and loneliness

(c) Marc Noël 2016

July 07, 2016

TBT: In Evidence (1998)

The outerspace of my embrace
Taught me how to love
The full reflection of my face
Knew of the plans above

Untitled fears of twinkle style
Unkind passenger of mankind
I've been called senile
The shadow mastermind

(c) Marc Noël 1998

July 03, 2016

I've Been Here Before

I won’t get around to seeing you again
It’s probably a completely different world
Sometimes the best solution is to let go
And do what you need to survive

Welcome to the end of my life
It’s probably never going to get better from here
Sometimes the best solution is to restart
And do what I need to survive

You know why you need to stay
You’re not done helping in this world
Sometimes the heart has to pay
To save your innocence from hurt

Welcome to the beginning of my life
I’m not done wishing it will get better from here
Sometimes the heart has to pray
To save my innocence from hurt

(c) Marc Noël 2016

June 30, 2016

TBT: Falling Into Infinity (1997)

Falling into infinity
I trap those of death
I reach for my dignity
And dearly hold my breath

I stive to withstand some
Dry roses I like to smell
The forest I seek within
The secrets I can’t tell

Shades of white, deadly night,
And immortality-

(c) Marc Noël 1997

June 26, 2016


I know I can be happy again one day
I just don’t know how to make it there
The emptiness in my heart drags me
As I desperately try to crawl to nowhere

I know I can heal and be strong one day
I just don’t know how not to fail
The agony in this broken spirit lingers
As I desperately prove that I can prevail

(c) Marc Noël 2016

June 23, 2016

TBT: Un Mot (2005)

Un mot peut commencer une guerre
Un autre peut unir la terre
Tellement de sentiments prennent vie
Avec un seul commentaire
Le jour et la nuit peuvent se soustraire
De l’univers de l’imaginaire
Quand un seul geste peut tout défaire

Un mot peut créer de l’amitié
Un autre peut faire ressortir la vérité
Tellement de pensées prennent vie
Avec une seule idée
Le jour et la nuit peuvent s’annulés
De l’univers du créateur
Quand un seul sourire peut tout arrangé

(c) Marc Noël 2005

June 19, 2016

The Other Is Unknown

The largest land
Is but a grain of sand
Amongst the ruins
Of my religious education
The central part of my estate
Is where I will start
To find a stronger love
That leads to the seduction
Of the heart

The biggest ignorance
Is based on indifference
Amongst the progression
Of my mental anguish
The strategic shape of my mask
Is where I will hide
To find a stronger courage
That helps me vanquish
The apathy inside

(c) Marc Noël 2016

June 16, 2016

TBT: Burden of Time (2003)

Time speaks
To those who listen
I've been the one
Asking questions
When I should have been
Giving answers
Miracles only happen
To those who give

Destiny guides
Those who follow
I've been the one
Seeking the truth
When I should have been
Making my own
Divinity only happens
To those who grow

(c) Marc Noël 2003

June 12, 2016

Foster The Growth

Climb up to the light and find your peace
In every day moments where you can breathe
Stay flexible as life often tries to bend your volition
Together, despair will always have competition

Find meaning through times of darkness
In every night struggles where you can’t breathe
Stay positive as fear often tries to bend your resolve
Together, there is no obstacle that we can’t solve

Dedicated to "Pantslessaaron"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

June 09, 2016

TBT: Water (1996)

Light beyond darkness
Caress my knees
White water rummages
To wet my lips
Dust maps secrets
To chariots of desires
Pulling straight flesh
Through my thoughts

Butterfly movements
Into my mind
Always brings truth
To crystal light
With burning cold
I’ve been told
And flows
To loving freedom

(c) Marc Noël 1996

June 05, 2016

Where Burns The Mystical Sun

Look me in the eyes
And tell me what you see
Find the origin of my expended energy
There is only rejuvenation when you look
Where sleeps the forgotten free

Tell me your secrets
And show me how you feel
The soul is a wonderful puzzle to solve
There is always courage in innocence
Where grows the beautiful resolve

Show me how to love
And heal my fragile heart
Our shared journey has only begun
There is always light to find within
Where burns the mystical sun

Dedicated to "Outstarwalker"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

June 02, 2016

TBT: The Past Within (2003)

In darkness,
I am light-

Hope seems to carry you
Through my eyes
And throughout the night.

In light,
I am shadow-

Fear seems to carry me
Through darkness
And throughout the dream.

In life,
I am everything-

Trust seems to reveal you
Through my eyes
And everything that is right.

In death,
I am nothing-

Fragility seems to reveal me
Through life
And everything that is real.

(c) Marc Noël 2003

May 29, 2016

Walking Barefoot After A Rainstorm

I walked in the field, barefoot, after a rainstorm.

The grass was wet and sticky. The birds were singing and hunting for worms. Small, cold puddles of water lay on the ground under my feet. There was mud everywhere. Grass caressed my toes while rocks tickled them.

I smelled the air, breathing the damp and foggy aroma. I rested my legs in a fresh, peaceful water puddle. I could hear the water dripping from trees and making gulping sounds when falling in the pond. I dropped my back in the wet grass, looking at the sky. Birds were cheerfully singing as they washed themselves after a fresh bath.

I got up to walk home, whistling a tune that was in my head. I picked up, on the road, a blue flower. Its smell was a natural healing scent. The dirt of the earth was getting warmer and harder as the sun kept peaking through the clouds.

I took in a last look, a last smell, a last peaceful moment. Summer was here. I felt like dancing.

(c) Marc Noël 2016

May 26, 2016

TBT: Globe (2007)

I was looking at myself, mirror
A mirror I found in my heart
I tried to see truth
I yearned to see love
But I could not see any clearer
My eyes forgave me, tears
Tears I found in my soul
I tried to see my past
I yearned to see my future
But I could not be wiser
Never too late to be free
I found myself understanding
When I was looking at you
I was really looking at me

(c) Marc Noël 2007

May 22, 2016


I can’t wait to share happiness,
The true joy of hearing your voice-
I will never experience it for the first time again

Use my life as your catalyst...

I can’t turn back once discovered,
The true meaning of seeing you smile-
I will never forget what made you laugh again

Use my soul as your canvas...

Dedicated to "Toxicoid"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

May 19, 2016

TBT: .shadow.master. (2002)





(c) Marc Noël 2002

May 15, 2016

Tug of War

Fight your way across the bridge of despair
Courage in hand with mighty dare
Come hell spawn in secret darkness
No fear as you proudly confess
There is nothing that will stop you
There is no one that will outlast you

Grab destiny across fate and yore
Bravery in demand in the tug of war
Come seduction with a secret kiss
No fear as you proudly resist
There is nothing that will break you
There is no one that can weaken you

Dedicated to "Hercxena"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

May 12, 2016

TBT: Breathe My Friend (1997)

When I once again knelt
down to thy feet,
thine arms were lifeless,
scant of energy...
I...I...forgot her name,
how could I;
blessed soul, blessed world!!
but I gave it to wasn't enough...
and again as I marched forth,
shan't I live for thee,
for she wasn't immortal,
neither am I...neither am I....
but should I regress?
for my heart, for her love,
I would have given more
than my last drop of freedom,
I would have given my last drop of life...
I love her...

(c) Marc Noël 1997

May 08, 2016


Feel the energy
Moving through your hand
Let me take a peak
Even though
You make me weak
I will try my best
To remember all the details
I promise
Patience will not go unappreciated
Nothing in my life
Has gone as planned
Let me take a moment
Even though
Ignorance gives me no enjoyment
I will try my best
To not destroy all you are
I promise
It will not be noticed
But I don’t know
Where to stand

(c) Marc Noël 2016

May 05, 2016

TBT: One More Darkness (2010)

Sounds of darkness
Jumping in my mind
I have not been able to find this fear
I want to believe everything you tell me
I want to destroy everything you give me

One more darkness
All I want to need
You have not been able to find peace
You want to lie to those you love
You want to find peace in everything but you

Illusions of darkness
Finding happiness in your mind
I have not been able to convince you
I want to expose every secret you tell me
I want to crush every secret you give me

One more darkness
All I want to feed
You have not been able to convince me
You want to lay in a bed of lies
You want to find peace every time but now

(c) Marc Noël 2010

May 01, 2016

Jade and Ebb

Where did I come from?
I did not tempt the fresh grave
There are no more dangerous traps
Than the ones we lay down ourselves
Despite all the freedom that we crave

What am I doing?
I did not sneak through the fire
There are no more ominous minds
Than the ones we create ourselves
Despite all the rewards that we desire

Where do I go?
I did not sin out of greed
There are no more broken chains
Than the ones we forge ourselves
Despite all the rescuing that we need

Dedicated to "Piranjade" and "EA"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

April 28, 2016

TBT: Deep Breath (2005)

Take a deep breath

It starts with pain
a few tears
a breaking heart
nothing left
no smiles
no laugh
only time
to heal
to grieve
to ponder
to wish
no comfort
no rest
only patience
you don't have
you don't crave
nothing left
a few tears
a few fears
a few years
only time
only time



(c) Marc Noël 2005

April 24, 2016


All I need is a quick touch
A fast quip
A big thrust
You’ve got a long story to tell

All I need is to be perfect
A good memory
A stable affect
You’ve got a lot of secrets to tell

Dedicated to Spurious_ECG
(c) Marc Noël 2016

April 21, 2016

TBT: Three Angels (2011)

My heart
Felt the stir
Of broken emotions
Tell me how to recover
When I fall and fall and fall

My heart
Heard the hope
Of laughing chilren
Tell me how one finds
When I'm lost and lost and lost

My heart
Feared the illusion
Of repeating promisses
Tell me why I should stay
When I cry and cry and cry

My heart
Yearned the rest
Of sleeping angels
Tell me why one hates
When I love and love and love

(c) Marc Noël 2011

April 17, 2016


Listen to the music of the heart
It’s where your passion got its start
You never knew what made you astonished
But for making elegance into an art

Read the fantasy of the soul
It’s where your creativity took hold
You never knew what made you mystified
But for making mundane break the mold

Play in the theatre of the mind
It’s where your personality got defined
You never knew what made you flourish
But for making the world more refined

Dedicated to the Ludophiles
(c) Marc Noël 2016

April 14, 2016

TBT: Filon Lanos Thenossa (2004)

This church is small. Only four rows of benches line each side of the church, with a small altar standing but a foot above the floor. The smell of spring fills the air, though it is winter outside. Several candles light the entrance and the altar. An old ash chair on the wall behind the altar sits the priest.

Filon Lanos Thenossa sits alone in the church, meditating. He is young for his order, even if this is a small church. At fifteen years old, he assisted to the priest before him. When he passed away, Filon, then seventeen, had been given the task of attending to the church until a replacement could be found. When it was obvious that no one would come to such a lone village, Filon was ordained. He took the spiritual task seriously, even if events were few and far between. Most of them were funerals in the past few years.

April 10, 2016


Tell me what I need to witness
I’ve never healed a broken heart
It takes a special kind of energy
To force two souls apart

I can’t begin show you
Want you don’t want to see
You’ve never looked past
What made you flee

Tell me what I need to question
I’ve never looked beyond my mistake
It takes a special kind of strength
To force a new world awake

I can’t begin show you
Want you don’t want to believe
You’ve never looked past
What made you leave

(c) Marc Noël 2016

April 07, 2016

TBT: What Makes The Light Within (2003)

You say you like to dream
You will be a stranger to me
I'll explain the message
The answer to your question
What lies in the depths

I think you were a general
I will learn to be your soldier
I'll listen to domination
The weapon in my hand
While we shed blood

You say you like to laugh
You will be funny to me
I'll explain the dream
The kind of strange world
Where you are from

I think you are good
I will learn to be your wings
I'll look for the light
The tear in my heart
What lies in the depths

You say you are tired
You will be my friend
I'll remember my people
The kind of life we had
When we first met

I think you are evil
I will learn to be your darkness
I'll listen to the silence
The fear in my soul
Where you are from

You say you are brave
You will be my villain
I'll remember your mission
The kind of reputation we had
While we shed blood

I think you were a messenger
I will learn to be your meaning
I'll look for the passage
The slyness in my smile
When we first met

(c) Marc Noël 2003

April 03, 2016

Flee The Underground

Arrow to my heart
You had me at the start
Found you turning phrases
Instead of fighting blazes

Stay on alert
Monsters want to hurt
Found you walking for days
Hindered by a lot of delays

Make yourself useful
You’ll want to stay neutral
Found you making voices
While making powerful choices

Dedicated to "Chronowolf"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 31, 2016

TBT: Nice To Meet Your Demise (2007)

I'll tell them that I met you
Just before you met your demise
I may forget to mention that day
That the knife in your back was mine

I'll tell them that you were strong
Just before you said thank you
I may forget to mention your swear
Or the childish fit that you threw

I'll tell them you died with honor
Just before you burnt to a crisp
I may forget to mention my matches
Were the reason god took me off his list

I'll tell them that I cried
Just before I started running
I may forget to mention my regret
That you didn't die while I was laughing

(c) Marc Noël 2007

March 27, 2016

I Am Missing

I am missing-
To say I hide from the world is misunderstood
I feel like the world is hiding from me
Everyone is moving, everyone has goals
But I can’t find my way to being happy

I am jaded-
To say forgive the ones that hurt me is impossible
I feel like I was born to always suffer
Everyone is mistrusting, everyone has motives
But I can’t find a way to get tougher

I am healed-
To say it’s difficult to change how you think is misleading
I feel like I only needed a shift of perspective
Everyone is missing, everyone is jaded
But I can’t help but think it’s all subjective

(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 24, 2016

TBT: Dayspring (2008)

Set the world in motion
With the tip of your finger
Find a reason to live
In the shadows of midnight
Find comfort in darkness
Where none was found in light

Fill the vast oceans
With your neverending tears
Find a reason to remember
In the song of sunrise
Find clarity in nature
Where none was found in lies

(c) Marc Noël 2008

March 20, 2016


Save me-
You never hoped
For praise and success
That trust you have in death
Don’t let it appeal to your loneliness
There is only one path
To finding out if you’re worthy
Seek a breakthrough in your thoughts
There will be dialogue
Between one good
And so many evils
But you can uncover
Somewhere safe to breathe
You never hoped
For peace and forgiveness
Release me-

(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 17, 2016

TBT: Colors Of The Nothing (1999)

Sadness, I cannot dream
Steps into my life
Regeneration of my screams

Struggle, I cannot breathe
Beauty of the burning soul
Sunglow of my heart

Desperation, I cannot see
Colors of the nothing
I cannot contain

(c) Marc Noël 1999

March 13, 2016


Take fate right out of my soul
It seems I get very suspicious
If I don't feel you can show control
You never regret what you can't see -
Just because it doesn't happen
Doesn't mean you're not guilty

Take honor right out of my mind
It seems at your advantage
To make me one of your kind
You never regret giving forgiveness  -
Just because you don't show remorse
Doesn't mean you won't confess

Take truth right out of my breath
It seems you get very careless
When you're not worried about death
You never forget those you abandon -
Just because you didn't feel anything
Doesn't mean you won't come undone

Dedicated to “Donis_plays”
(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 10, 2016

TBT: The Strength I Gain (2000)

Long journey, I have made
The destiny, I have fulfilled
Gatekeeper to my quest
I must return in nighttime
Like love, I search for strength
I leave the castle, obvious
The alley of my fortune
I must listen with faith
Enduring loneliness
I have sacrificed, like love
I search for a place to rest
I must talk to my heart
Monster I am inside
I play the game
Like love, I search for peace
And a place to call home

(c) Marc Noël 2000

March 06, 2016

Dark Sabre

Go to the very edge of my dreams Dance with my desires I sense that you’re searching- For any reason to be free I can feel your heart aching There will never be a better time When I trust you to be sane Tell me how I can show you How I can be reclaimed Go to the shadows of my nightmares Fight with my regrets I sense that you’re hesitating- Find any excuse to be strong I can feel your soul resisting There will never be a better time When I trust you to be brave Tell me how I can show you How I can be saved

Dedicated to "Darksaber2k"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

March 03, 2016

TBT: Tamaran Noble (2004)

Tamaran rests in bed in his mansion in Portugal. Tamaran is a brilliant man. Although he lives mostly in solitude, he’s been gracious to all who have served him and his estate. His aged smile is as pure as happiness and all who have served him would call him honorable.

He is accompanied by his caregiver, Norberto Barrera, a middle-aged man he’s grown to appreciate. He knows that his master will not sleep another night. Tamaran is dying.

February 28, 2016


Share a moment with me
And take a deep breath
Linger where no one can stand
Because everyone’s busy running
You don't need to stop
Just take my hand-
Let me give you the only thing missing
Let me take you where time is free

Try to pay close attention
And close your eyes
Listen where no one is understood
Because everyone's telling you what to do
You don't need to stop
Just make it good-
I like it only because it's coming from you
I like to believe patience is compassion

Dedicated to "Reitanna"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

February 25, 2016

TBT: Limits Of My Vision (1999)

My vision of reality is dark
Not because it's evil
But because it's empty
It's there to help me reach
The feelings inside of me

My vision of reality is mundane
Not because it's tasteless
But because it's free
It's there to help us think
Of the unlimited possibility

My vision of reality is timeless
Not because it's big
But because it's my home
It's there to help me remember
How much I've grown

(c) Marc Noël 1999

February 21, 2016

The Key Inside

Carry me through infinity
I will lend a hand where I can
I’ll judge you for all the mistakes-
Find the monster inside of you
Get lost in that confusing mind
And your patience will break

Understand me through serenity
I will dance where I can stand
I’ll remember all your devotion-
Find the ocean inside of you
Get lost in that comforting soul
And ignore all the emotions

Dedicated to "Dizzy_Plays"
(c) Marc Noël 2016

February 18, 2016

TBT: Timekeeper (1997)

When time was dirty, I cleaned it
The mistakes rubbing all over my hands
Underneath, destiny was never so soft

When time was bleeding, I healed it
Last minutes running from me
Underneath, patience was never so strong

When time was hungry, I fed it
Empty feelings of misunderstandings
Underneath, hope was never so pure

When time was helpless, I was there
The last time I ever saw it dance
Was when I was in love

(c) Marc Noël 1997

February 14, 2016

Heart's Embrace

Find me in the embrace of your heart
I never cried so hard in my entire life
But it felt good to let it all out
I could feel courage in your heartbeat
When I finally understood what it meant
To know exactly how you think
About the past and the future
How you never really let anything go
Yet you shed the fear and the torture
When I finally understood what it meant
To know exactly how to breathe
I know I only have one more chance
It’s not just how I feel but how I remember

Find me in the embrace of your compassion
I never laughed so hard in my entire life
But it felt good to feel it on the inside
I could feel the truth in your breath
When I finally understand what it meant
To know exactly how to keep my sanity
Without the past nor the future
How quickly I can calm down in your arms
Yet I still feel cold and so unsure
If you hold me just long enough
Maybe I’ll be able to sleep and dream
When I finally understand what it means
To know exactly how to live

(c) Marc Noël 2016

February 11, 2016

TBT: As I See The Wind (1996)

As I see the wind
My mind grows weak,
As though my life
Is what I speak

But I can’t feel
The downward heat
As my legs pull me,
I walk my mind
It’s what dies that falls
Like shining light
Loving fright,
And immortality

As I feel the shadows
I reach as before
I live for my purpose
And that’s loving you more…

(c) Marc Noël 1996

February 07, 2016

Find Your Way

I found my name
In a cave of darkness-
In despair,
You find the purest hope
But making my way back
Was going to be dangerous,
When everything is anger and black

I found my voice
In a valley of fog-
In obscurity,
You find the purest faith
But trying to run away
Was going to be unpredictable,
When everything is sadness and grey

(c) Marc Noël 2016

February 04, 2016

TBT: Pleasance (2004)

I was wondering what God
Would say to me
If I asked him why
Children were so content-

With such devotion
I had looked for answers
Within my memories
Within my heart
But found none
That could be clever-

So I scanned the skies
And out loud I cried
God, give me a vision-

And in my thoughts
Came my resolve-

Children spend their time
Looking for joy-

Not for heaven

Dedicated to Emily Dickinson
(c) Marc Noël 2004

January 31, 2016

Unforgiving City

I was betrayed in a fit of rage
Never expected that from a friend
I thought I could count on their loyalty
Until the very bitter end

I was dishonored and ridiculed
Forced to face my true personality
Discover who were my real friends
And find my way back to reality

I was lost in the unforgiving city
Wet and needing of sleep
Trying to process what happened
Cold, trembling and weak

(c) Marc Noël 2016

January 29, 2016

The Trip

When the Perpetual Motion Machine finally began to slow down, two amazing things happened. I realized that I was wrong and I realized there was still a chance to save her.

Two years ago my wife and I were flying through a nebula. Sensors didn’t indicate anything harmful scanning it at a distance. A few minutes after entering, something interacted with our engines and put them offline. I spent two days in the engine room trying to figure out what the filters may have missed while my wife was continuously trying to reach anyone that may be within hailing frequencies. If I didn’t fix the ship soon we weren’t going to have enough fuel and energy reserves to make the trip back home.

January 28, 2016

I Barely Knew

I barely knew my father. By the time I was 4 years old he left my mom and I. As I got old enough to understand what that meant I hadn’t seen him in 3 years. At first my mom made different excuses- your father is moving away for his job, we don’t love each other anymore, we’ll be living in different houses- the usual stuff. When I was a preteen I coaxed my mother into telling me the truth and she finally told me he was an alcoholic. She told him to choose us or the bottle – he chose the drink.

TBT: Flame And Fire (2008)

Hopeful joy found in my soul
Share some satisfaction, make me whole
Come forth to me and my appreciation
I will find destiny and admiration

Comforting warmth in my heart
Speak one word, make me start
Come forth to me and my temptation
I will fill you with lust and sensations

Forbidden passion in my dreams
Rise to the surface, made me scream
Come forth to me and my desire
I will fuel the flame and fire

Curious awakening in my mind
Has me searching, made me find
Come forth to me and discover
I will be yours always and forever

Dedicated to Sarah Noël
(c) Marc Noël 2008

January 24, 2016

How Long (Until We Learn)

Caress me forever beyond the sea
Waves created by tears
It's all of me-
You can tell I've been trying
Even if I never make it far
I know how to flee

Carry me forever beyond the light
Waves created by shadows
It's all a fight-
I can tell you're been tired
Even if you always make it far
You know how to ignite

Convince the world forever beyond comfort
Waves created by habits
It's all an effort-
I can tell we've been ashamed
Even if we mistakenly make it far
We know how to hurt

(c) Marc Noël 2016

January 22, 2016

Out There In The Stars

The first time I felt love
I had an angel from up above
I never knew what I could create
To find friends that always relate
To be the light in darkness
To give me permission to be a mess
Never knew what I could create
To find an angel through fate

The first time I found a star
I had a smile wide and far
I never knew what it could mean
To find friends that always seem
To be my path in the night
To give me help when I fight
Never knew what it could mean
To find a star in my dream

Dedicated to Martyna “Outstarwalker”
(c) Marc Noël 2016

January 21, 2016

TBT: Libra (1997)

I feel like sorrow, when it's dry, when it's heavy
I remember how I used to glance at them with envy
Waiting for my love to find itself home to my mind
I'm stuck here because I'm scared it will find
That mother nature has been crying
For that man who's been denying
That man is my brother, my friend, my father
And soon mother nature will alter
The power in me that wishes to be best
The soul in me who yearns to rest

I feel like sleeping, when it's peaceful, when I'm sad
I remember now the time I used to think it would be bad
To think she had no reason, to think she had no pain
But to that I have lived up to, only to gain
The knowledge of my own truth, of my dignity
Mary has been waiting patiently for me
Soon she will help me again, help me think
But what I need most is extinct
Like a picture behind a solid brick wall
Where I could reach the one I love most of all

I feel like screaming, when it's silent, when I'm angry
I remember when I used to think I could be free
Sitting on a rocky edge at the end of time
I wish I could jump and erase all crime
For the ride of my life is soon to come
When I choose to surrender to what I have become
In this place of feeling, this place of lies
And everything that just sits and dies
God was waiting for me to do it, to decide
But I'm not ready so I still have to hide

(c) Marc Noël 1997

January 19, 2016

Escape With Us

I feel the pain every time I breathe
Conflict becomes me, admiration
I am the catalyst to those who hear me
I keep the memories away
From those I care deeply about-
Soon as they can outrun the peril
So can I, but not before

There is always only one open road
Confusion invades me, desperation
I am the catalyst to those who understand me
I keep the uncertainty away
From those I care deeply about-
Soon as they understand themselves
So can I, but not before

Escape with us if you seek peace
Monsters fade in me, validation
I am the catalyst to those who fear me
I keep the demons away
From those I care deeply about-
Soon as they sleep in peace
So can I, but not before

Inspired by and dedicated to Chris "Memoriesin8bit"
(c) Marc Noël 2016