January 21, 2016

TBT: Libra (1997)

I feel like sorrow, when it's dry, when it's heavy
I remember how I used to glance at them with envy
Waiting for my love to find itself home to my mind
I'm stuck here because I'm scared it will find
That mother nature has been crying
For that man who's been denying
That man is my brother, my friend, my father
And soon mother nature will alter
The power in me that wishes to be best
The soul in me who yearns to rest

I feel like sleeping, when it's peaceful, when I'm sad
I remember now the time I used to think it would be bad
To think she had no reason, to think she had no pain
But to that I have lived up to, only to gain
The knowledge of my own truth, of my dignity
Mary has been waiting patiently for me
Soon she will help me again, help me think
But what I need most is extinct
Like a picture behind a solid brick wall
Where I could reach the one I love most of all

I feel like screaming, when it's silent, when I'm angry
I remember when I used to think I could be free
Sitting on a rocky edge at the end of time
I wish I could jump and erase all crime
For the ride of my life is soon to come
When I choose to surrender to what I have become
In this place of feeling, this place of lies
And everything that just sits and dies
God was waiting for me to do it, to decide
But I'm not ready so I still have to hide

(c) Marc Noël 1997

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