December 31, 2017

Dust Settles

Trying to stop the never-agains
It pains
It drains
It never wanes
Dust settles
On my hopelessness

Trying to stop the in-and-outs
You confuse
You bruise
You never lose
Dust settles
On my loneliness

Trying to stop the love-me-nots
I sting
I cling
I break everything
Dust settles
On my helplessness

(c) Marc Noël 2017

December 28, 2017

TBT: Frump Fairy (2003)

Under the moon light
In shadows
I am knight
I walk the path
That gives me honor

With dirty hands
In darkness
I am life
I walk the path
That gives me energy

Understand my pride
In light
I am nothing
I walk the path
That gives me immortality

Look at my smile
In time
I am everything
I create the path
That takes me home

Listen to the silence
In crime
I am mercy
I create the path
That takes me to you

There is a secret
In fear
I am lonely
I create the path
That takes me to god

(c) Marc Noël 2003

December 24, 2017


Dance with me
Fire of my dreams
Kiss me
Take a chance

Sing with me
Light of my fantasies
Caress me
Let me cling

(c) Marc Noël 2017

December 21, 2017

TBT: Cannot Escape Destiny (2012)

Cannot escape my destiny
My destiny,
I create-
Remember my mortal coil
In my spirituality

Cannot make me destroy
My affinity,
I designate-
Remember the shadow I cast
In my faith

(c) Marc Noël 2012

December 17, 2017


Wear my mask-
Feel my might
See everyone dying
Losing all knowledge
Everyone starts fresh
Always devolving
Spiraled, concealing, turning
Transforming into the best

Wear my mask-
Feel my fright
See no one getting ready
Losing all intent
Everyone finishes hoping
Always decimating
Displacing, terrorizing, devouring
Vanishing with the rest

(c) Marc Noël 2017

December 14, 2017

TBT: Enchanted (With Every Breath) (2005)

I fell from the sky the moment I looked into her eyes
Eyes that could make me believe in heaven
Her smile opened the door to my heart
And I found myself falling in love with every breath

I lost myself in love the moment I looked into her eyes
Eyes like flowers that never die, that never fade
Her voice opened the door to my soul
And I found myself thinking of her with every breath

I felt at peace the moment I looked into her eyes
Eyes that could ease the confusion of my mind
Her touch opened the door to my dreams
And I found myself enchanted with every breath

(c) Marc Noël 2005

December 10, 2017


I forget things ever existed
Stuff I should miss
I was there, I know I was there

I saw it when it was new

A memory can suddenly hurt
Pain I should dismiss
I was healed, I know I was healed

I was bleeding too

I’m keeping it in existence
I shouldn’t be carrying this
I was fooled, I know I was fooled

I was protecting you

(c) Marc Noël 2017

December 07, 2017

TBT: Borderline Case (1998)

She cast her shadow
The face of five snakes
A majestic impression of lace
Dreams of a musc candle tree
Through a garden of passion
Leaving a house of organized matches
I awaken to the march of golden stars
Fit with pipes of wood
Falling into the dust
That rises to my death
As the tiles of life decay
Without the light of my reflection
In a time when I fell in love

The care for hearts is slow
When my desire for you aches
Curling sponge of broken space
Lets me switch to safety
Like a water chain reaction
The one my spirit snatches
When knives have scars
It's not like the children would
Take green paths of lust
Like the riddles in my breath
Thinking they might fade
Now a time of dedication
Like peace in a glove

(c) Marc Noël 1998

December 03, 2017

Psychological Warfare

Forever fighting to find a connection
I knew I had to stay awake
To find the one that would save me
I knew I had to find a way

Forever troubled by my salvation
I found myself in a nightmare
To understand the one that would save me
I found myself accepting despair

(c) Marc Noël 2017