November 10, 2016

TBT: I Stand Here Alone (2003)

I'm having trouble climbing the mountain of life.

The past beneath me is not fit to carry me to my future. The rocks under my feet barely sustain the burden of my soul.

I stand here alone, with legs that cannot move, with a mind that cannot believe. The energy within me is lost with the struggle. No more strength for the journey.

I try to listen to the voices telling me to make it on my own. I hear the silence of my individuality. For all the power that is given to me, no one hears me when I speak. I try to tell them I am too weak. They divide me too thin and then wonder why I am not seen.

I am prepared to become mean. However, at what point is the sentence more severe than the offense? If I cannot run, will the mountain consume me? I do not wish to be lost, I do not wish to be forgotten.

Perhaps if I were to be seen…

How can I be seen?...

(c) Marc Noël 2003

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