April 20, 2023

TBT: Into The Darkness (2005)

I spent half of my life
Wondering if I was crazy
And I spent the other half
Wondering if it was all in my head
People that promised me answers
Only abandoned me
I was left alone, helpless
In the dark of my thoughts
Since the day I was born
I've been falling
Seeing things I shouldn't see
Feeling things I shouldn't feel
I guess to everyone it seemed
Like anything else at the time
Nothing but the thoughts
Of a child with an imagination
I'm not even sure I believe
But it believes in me
If it's luck, if it's fate
Then why am I left alone
To answer the questions
No one wants to ask
If I told you I was a monk
If I was priest
You would never question
My solitude, my sanctuary
But I'm willing to share
If you follow me down that path
Just don't leave me standing
Alone in darkness

(c) Marc Noël 2005

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